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Clean your bathroom within a half hour- Cleaning services in Toronto


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Today we are going talk about cleaning your bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most important places to keep clean.  Think about it, it’s the place where you expose your most sensitive body parts.  Weather your using the washroom, bathing or brushing your teeth.  If your bathroom is not clean you have an increased chance of catching an infection.


So Today we are going to show you how to clean your bathroom quickly but thorough


Before we go through the steps we are going to look at the tools we are going to need.

Broom and dustpan

3 cloths (Two for washing and one for drying)

A can of scrubbing bubbles

Either bleach or toilet bowl cleaner depending on your preference or how bad the ring in the toilet is

Dish soap

Bucket of water


Step 1

First thing we have to do is take anything out of the bathroom that will be in the way, such as a garbage can, plunger, and anything on the counter or back of toilet.  Just place them in the hall until you’re done.


Step 2

 Now that everything is out of the way we want to sweep the floor.  I know people usually sweep last but there is a reason for this.


Step 3

Now we are going to take the scrubbing bubbles and spray everything but the mirror.  Make sure you get the shower tiles.


Step 4

Now take your first wash cloth and soak it in the water and wash the sink down including the backsplash.  Now you want to have a soaking cloth so that it drips. Don’t worry if it gets on the floor that will help you later. Now wash out the cloth and do the same to the toilet.  Take your dry cloth and dry the sink.


Step 5

Now take your other wash cloth and wet it, put a couple of drops of dish soap on the cloth and scrub it together so it gets a lather.  Use it to wash the mirror, the soap will get rid of any grease or dirt on the mirror.  Then rinse the cloth and wipe again, and finally dry with the dry cloth. 

Now dry the toilet.

Step 6

Now take the bucket and get into the tub with your first wash cloth.  Soak the cloth and start washing off the wall, keep soaking the cloth during this process than wash the tub as well.

Now get out of the tub and turn on the shower using it to rinse the walls and tub.  Depending on the type of wall you can dry it with the dry cloth.


Step 7

Now mop the floor, all the soap and water that spilled on the floor from before has soaked into corners making it easier for you to just wipe out with the mop or you can just use one of your cloths.


Final step

Put everything back to where it belongs.


And there you have it. You now know how to clean your bathroom within a half hour and have it shining like new.


Thank you for viewing our blog and hope you can tune in for our next lesson “how to clean your fridge within a half hour”.

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