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What is the difference between a maid and a cleaner?

What is the difference between a maid and a cleaner?

A maid and a cleaner do the same job - cleaning. A maid may also do some ironing and maybe cooking as well. Is that the main difference between the two jobs?

The term "maid" is almost never used; they are called "housekeepers." In a hotel or hospital, the department is called "housekeeping." This is different from the older definition of housekeepers, who were respected professionals who tended to all the details of a domestic establishment but didn't scrub the floors themselves.

A housekeeper (or maid) works at least a half-day a week on a regular basis for the same employers. She knows the family's ways and in long-term relationships may have a lot of regard and affection for them, and they for her. Some people are lucky enough to have a "live-in housekeeper." A housekeeper not only cleans but also as you say may iron, care for children, cook, whatever arrangements she (or I suppose he) has come to with her/his employer.

A cleaning service (which oddly enough might call itself "Merry Maids" or "Maid Brigade," to name just a couple) cleans your house, but you don't have the same person or persons every week, and they certainly don't do anything that's not on the bulleted list of your contract with them.

But this is one difference from MULTI SERVICES and other cleaning companies, we like to give our clients weather home or office, the same cleaner every time so they are more comfortable and never have to worry about things changing. We also like to do the little extra things free of charge as long as it’s kept reasonable. They also get to know the client’s specific needs and wants kind of like the maid services.

MULTI SERVICES offers a wider variety of services, such as indoor window cleaning or outdoor if on the main floor, balcony cleaning (weather it’s just a little dirty or if it has animal feces on it), stripping and waxing services, organizing and much more.

We like to give our estimates free of charge. Some can be made over the phone or through e-mail and some need a personal visit for a more accurate number, depending on the service being provided.

For more information give us a call or check out our website and submit your information for a free estimate.


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Multi Services is supporting drug free program for kids

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