Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Become a Whirlwind Cleaner Now MULTI SERVICES shows you how the right products and a few insider tips from the experts can make every cleaning job easier and quicker. Keep a cleaning carry-all (available at dollar stores or hardware stores) or a simple plastic bucket pre-packed with cleaning supplies to take from room to room. Ensure you have the right products on hand for the cleaning jobs you face around your home. We suggest this selection: Power Cream Degreaser for tough grease, sticky residue and burnt-on food. Power Cream Lime & Grime to make easy work of limescale and soapscum buildup. Bathroom Spray for shower doors, walls, shower cutrains, tape and tiles. Thick Bleach for toilet bowls, tubs and sinks. Multi-Surface Cleaner for glass, mirrors, counter tops, sealed wood furnishings and sealed granite. Gel with Baking Soda for stovetops, sinks, faucets, chrome fixtures and stainless steel appliances. Cream Cleanser for countertops, pots and pans, casserole dishes and BBQ grills. In addition to these cleaning products, the whirlwind housekeeper also keeps some secret tools on hand, including: Snuggle Fabric Softener Sheets Q-tips Cotton Swabs 2 to 3 small sponges a dry cloth a small brush a discarded tooth brush latex gloves Where to Start - Where to Finish Start in the kitchen. Clean your laminate counter tops, around your cook-top rings, food-spattered backsplashes, the fridge door and the sink. Moisten a damp sponge. Do your cabinet doors, drawer pulls, light switches and the telephone next. Check the shelves and door slots in your fridge, too. Peek in the microwave. Is the lunch-time pizza welded to the roof? Here's a trick: Half fill a cup with water and add a squirt of Cream Cleanser. Place in the microwave and run on high for 60 seconds. Wipe clean with a damp sponge. Wipe down the kitchen table and chairs. Then clean the floors last with diluted Vim Floors. Move on to the bathroom. Spray the shower walls and bath tub with Bathroom Cleaner. Leave it while you wipe down the counter and sink with Vim Gel with Baking Soda. Use the tooth brush in your carry-all to scour around the drain hole. A Q-Tip Cotton Swab dipped in Vim Gel will make quick work of grunge around the taps. Wipe all surfaces with clear water. Return to the shower and tub. Turn on the shower and watch the cleaner and the scum disappear down the drain. Apply Vim Thick Bleach to the toilet, let sit and flush. Voila. And finally the rest of the house. While moving from room to room, keep a look out for finger marks on doors and door frames and for sticky door handles. Clean with All Purpose Spray. Is the picture on your TV or computer screen looking foggy? See it brighten before your eyes when you gently dust the surface using a Snuggle Fabric Softener sheet.