Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bring out the Shears for better blooms

- Flowers in your backyard garden are ephemeral - They vanish without a trace at the end of each season - Doesn't mean you shouldn't prune

Pruning can help make more flowers, make the plants bushier or increase the size of individual flow ers.
So grab your hand shears and sharpen your thumb nail for a stroll among the flowers.
Start with a pinch, for bushiness
Pinching out the tips of growing stems stops, at least temporarily, their growth, in so doing coaxing growth of side shoots. The result Bushier plants. Even though plants such as lavat-era, marigold and zinnia are naturally bushy, pinch ing out the tips of their stems makes them more so. Don't carry pinching to excess, though, because it does delay flowering; pinching is something you want to do mostly at the be ginning of the growing sea son. And plants with more side shoots will have more-— but smaller — flowers.

A pinch might make bigger Flowers
Just as pinching the tips of stems makes bushier plants with more but small er flowers, limiting the number of stems or flowers has the opposite effect. This is how you grow "football" mums and "dinnerplate" dahlias. Create a plant with fewer but larger flowers by pinching off side shoots, pinching off flower buds forming along a stem, or re ducing the number of stems sprouting from ground level

Deadhead for more flowers
— called deadheading — is yet another way pruning gets the best out of your flower plants. Deadheading does double duty, keeping plants tidy and preventing seed formation. Seed for mation can drain enough energy from a plant to slow or stop flowering.
Deadheading is especial ly effective at keeping an nuals energetic because all they live for is to flower enough to set some seeds. Then these plants slow down or die, all in one season.
Pruning flowers at the right time and in the right circumstances can mean either bigger blooms for bushier plants.

Cut the spent flowers
Cutting individual, spent flowers from mounded plants bear ing small flowers would be much too tedious. Deadhead alyssum, nasturtium, petunias and other such plants by shear ing the whole plant back with either grass or hedge shears after a flush of bloom. Give mound ed perennials like basket-of-gold, cottage pink, edging candytuft and spike speedwell similar treatment. All these plants will look ragged for a while, but soon cover shorn stems and leaves with new growth and flow ers.

Deadheading also keeps plants tidy by preventing unwanted self-seeding.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hints and Tips On Cleaning
Helpful Hints
House cleaning is not at the top of most peoples list of fine things to do but if you let your mind wonder too much, you'll spend even more time cleaning.
Focus on what your doing, make every move counts, and you'll finish more quickly.
Household organizing and cleaning can be done quicker than you think.

Get help.
If there are others living and breathing in the house with you, who are most certainly contributing to the mess, get them to help. My favourite is to assign task to each child for a week at a time, and rotate tasks. Don't forget to throw in deep cleaning items, like the mess under the sink, or spraying dowm and wiping the trash compactor

Dust first, vacuum last. Start dusting from the top of the highest shelves, the tops of cabinets. These tend to be less dusty than lower shelves. Even if you dust quickly, you'll be moving the dust down to a lower level, usually the floor, where it is easily vacuumed away.

Use the right product for the job. Use natural cleaning products if possible. We don't use fancy cleaning product that but it's important to use good quality, heavy duty cleaning products that do a great job. This doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money either. We use a solution of vinegar and water to damp mop linolium or vinyl floors. It works great.

Helpful Tips

Stinky Sink?
The sink, for whatever reason, can stink.
After you make sure nothing too terrible is hidden in there (last night's dinner, perhaps?) you can use this trick to make it smell as fresh as can be:

1. Pour 1/2 box of baking soda down the drain
2. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar
3. Cover drain tightly for 5 minutes
4. Run the cold water to clear out
5. Easy and effective, there you go
For Business and Offices Heres some helpfull hints

Learn now to prevent one of the most common workplace accidents before you end up paying out in huge claims!

Make sure workers are wearing proper footwear for their work area. If necessary, provide them with the correct footwear.

Use mats and rugs where spills of liquids are likely. Make sure the edges are beveled to prevent tripping and the mat has slip resistant backing.

Make sure stairs are in good working order. Handrails are secure and step edges are easy to see. Avoid using colorful carpet patterns on indoor stairs. Outdoor stairs must be slip resistant and should have striping on each step.

Buy the right flooring for the right work situation. Different flooring has different slip resistance. Ask about slip resistance when buying.

The speed at which a restroom gets cleaned is so important because it is a big part of any routine cleaning. You don't want anyone spending any more time getting it done than they have to, yet you still want to do a very good job of it........

Toilet bowl ring removal
The earlier you attack this problem, the easier it will be to remove the ring. A thorough cleaning with a commercial acid-based bowl cleaner may do the trick. If the bowl cleaner doesn't work, try using a green, nylon-backed scrub sponge along with the acid. For an old ring, use a pumice stone. Wet the stone with the water in the bowl and rub it on the ringKeep the stone wet the entire time you're scrubbing. Pumice stones should only be used on vitreous china toilets - never on colored, enamel or plastic fixtures. Once you've gotten rid of a ring, weekly cleanings should keep it from coming back
150 Tips and Tricks on Cleaning

Cleaning is the most time consuming job in house keeping. Worse of all, some stains are hard to clean out. Even if you are spending all your efforts or energy, you may not clean them probably. So how to combat with all those difficulties and save your time on these cleaning tasks? Do It has some (well over 150) tips, tricks and how-to on cleaning stains, items and rooms. Just love the site and those information – the best ones in my opinion maybe the Chewing Gum Removal Tips (I tried it and it works nicely), How to Clean Soy Stains, Lipstick Stain Removal, Kitchen Cleaning Tips etc…Keeping a clean home is a key part to having a happy home. Cleaning a home can be a painstaking and exhaustive process

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