Saturday, January 22, 2011



1. De-Clutter
We all have too much stuff, things that accumulate over time. Newspapers and magazines that you “have to save for the article..” kids toys, books, knickknacks… And all that clutter makes you both look and feel unorganized.
If you must keep your periodicals, keep them in one place and vow to yourself that in a month’s time you will get rid of it. If you haven’t gone back to it by then, you probably never will. Give your books and toys a home. A dedicated shelf, cabinet or decorative box will work nicely. Remove any items that aren’t pertinent to the room. i.e. kids backpacks in the living room.

2. Re-Access
As for all those knick-knacks and floral arrangements; well time to re-assess. If you’ve had that floral arrangement in that same corner for more then a couple years, perhaps it’s time to get rid of it. Same goes for those little figurines, candles or pictures. Your home will it look cleaner, and you’ll feel better.
Ask yourself these questions: What shape is your furniture in? Are there rips, stains that need repair? Or mix-matched pieces that don’t belong? Is the scale of the furniture appropriate for the room? Do the pictures coordinate? The accessories? Choose at least on big piece from the room and remove it, how does it make you feel? Do you miss it? Are there any other pieces you can live without? Do some things need replacing?

3. Clean
A good deep cleaning goes a long way in making your room feel better. Move the sofa, vacuum behind it, get those dust bunnies in the corners, wash the windows, need I talk about cobwebs?
A fresh coat of paint will do wonders too. When was the last time you painted? Are there knicks and dents in the walls? Spend a weekend, spackle and paint. A new color will make your room feel brand new.

4. Re-Arrange
The quickest way to give a new look to a room is to re-arrange it. Do you have a conversation area? What is the room’s purpose? TV, reading, games…eliminate items that don’t go with its purpose and you will improve its functionality.

5. Re-Accessorize
You don’t have to get new furniture to improve the look of your room, you can simply re-accessorize. A new rug, pillows or pictures can change the whole look of a room. Re-think the lighting. Adding a new shade or painting a lamp base can give it a whole new appeal.
Today’s homes are clean, uncluttered and streamlined, yours can be too

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