Thursday, June 17, 2010

Airborne Allergens Avoidance Tips

1. Close windows during pollen season; use air conditioning in car.
2. Remove shoes and clothing when coming indoors.
3. Do not dry clothes outside during the pollen season.
4. Avoid being outside in the morning if possible or on windy days.
5. Use antihistamine before exposure.
6. If very symptomatic when coming from outside take a shower and wash hair.
7. Rinse nose with salted water many times during the day if you are exposed to pollens.

1. Wash bedding in hot water once a week.
2. Get new pillow once a year or cover pillow with a dust mite proof cover.*
3. Get dust mite proof mattress cover.*
4. Get vinyl cover for box spring.
5. Keep humidity between 30-45% (get dehumidifier).
6. Keep only new washable teddies on the bed.
7. Keep no dust collectors in bedroom.
8. Use double bag or HEPA filter on vacuum or use central vacuum.
9. Remove carpets especially in patient's bedroom.
10. Get vinyl or leather covered furniture in house and car.
* can be ordered through or 1-800-501-5115. Look for "allergen barrier" listed on the packaging and a zipper all around the cover.

1. Keep pet outdoors.
2. If not possible to keep pet outdoors, keep pet confined to one room. At least keep pet out of patient's bedroom.
3. Wash pet once a week with Allerpet or with warm water on a cloth; a shower or going in the rain is also very good.
4. Cover pillow and mattress with impermeable dust mite covers.
5. Use HEPA filter in bedroom and family room, and on vacuum or use central vacuum system.
6. Wipe surfaces with damp cloth
7. Non-carpeted floors prevent accumulation of pet hair.

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